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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is S.A.M.?
A: S.A.M. stands for the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts whose charter is "Committed to Enhancing Safe Snowmobiling in Massachusetts." Click here for an overview of S.A.M.

Q: What is required to ride in Massachusetts?
A: To ride in Massachusetts, you must be 14 years of age (16 to cross public highways), registered in Massachusetts, and obtain a Trail Pass from a club. You can obtain a trail pass from the Conway Snowmobile Club. It has been a law since 1998.

Q: How do I register in Massachusetts?
A: Please refer to our Registration page for information.

Q: Why should I join the Conway Snowmobile Club?
A: You must be a member of a recognized Massachusetts Snowmobile Club to obtain the required S.A.M. Trail Pass needed to ride in Massachusetts. We recommend supporting your local club where you ride most. As a member of the Conway Snowmobile Club you'll enjoy:

  • automatically becoming a member of S.A.M.
  • riding all trails in Massachusetts.
  • receiving a free subscription to On the Trails with S.A.M.
  • receiving the Conway Snowmobile Club newsletter (seasonal).
  • some of the finest groomed trails in Massachusetts.
  • attending club meetings, events, and rides!
  • being part of a fun group that loves snowmobiling!

Q: What are the club fees for?
A: $50 of each membership goes directly to the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts for your trail pass and other S.A.M. benefits including liability insurance for member clubs. The remaining funds are used to support the Conway Snowmobile Club. The CSC must also pay dues to S.A.M., incorporation dues to the state, and register grooming sleds. Among many examples of how the funds are used locally includes mailing newletters, purchasing equipment to maintain trails, grooming equipment and gasoline, materials for safety classes, and administrative materials.

Q: Where is Conway?
A: Conway is located in Franklin County, Massachusetts just West of Deerfield. We are only a few miles West on Route 116 off of Interstate 91 exits 24 and 25. If you're looking for Conway, New Hampshire, please go to the Mountain Meadow Riders web site.

Q: Where can I park in Conway?
A: We recommend parking at the Conway Grammar School (on the right approx. 1 mile before the Conway Center) on weekends.

Q: How can I support the club, even if I'm not a snowmobiler?
A: Many people choose to support the club even though they may not be an avid snowmobiler. Donations are appreciated. You can fill out membership form and mail in a donation (note: you do not receive a trail pass). You may also donate to the club at any time online.

Q: Do your officers, groomers, and trail workers get paid?
A: No one in the Conway Snowmobile Club is paid. All positions are held by volunteers. This also includes the countless hours of trailwork, building bridges, and grooming that is done. Officers also attend S.A.M meetings and work on your behalf to keep snowmobiling alive and safe!

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