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Club Membership

Yearly membership dues for the Conway Snowmobile Club are $90/year per sled ($75 before December 15th) which includes your S.A.M. Trail Permit and Club Membership. Fifty dollars ($50) of every membership goes to the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts for your trail permit. In 2013 S.A.M. passes increased $5 which goes towards a land acquisition fund to purchase land and easements to insure the future of snowmobiling in Massachusetts. In 2016 S.A.M. created Minimum Advertised Pricing (M.A.P.) which set the minimum rates for sale of trail passes. In 2022 S.A.M. increased trail passes by $20 and also allocated more funds directly to clubs.

Early-Bird Memberships

Membership purchased prior to December 15th are reduced by $15!! ($75/sled)

There are four ways to join:

  1. Use our Online Form
    (Note: This allows our treasurer to receive the information immediately and begin processing your application. Trailpasses must still be mailed to you.)


  2. Print and mail the Paper Membership Application to
      Conway Club Membership
      P.O. Box 112
      Conway, MA 01341


  3. Get a trail pass by visiting a location that has them on hand. (the best way if you need a trailpass immediately!).

    Neighbor's Convenience Store
    242 Conway Road
    South Deerfield, MA

    Ray's Cycle Center
    332 Wells Street
    Greenfield, MA

    Baker's Country Store
    Route 116
    Conway, MA

    Sunderland Corner Store
    101 North Main Street
    Sunderland, MA

    The Spirit Shoppe
    53C South Main Street
    South Deerfield, MA


  4. Attend a club meeting at 7:00 on the first Monday of the month!

Thank You For Yor Support!

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