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Registering in Massachusetts

The registration process in Massachusetts isn't necessarily all that clear. Here's some guidelines to help get you going. If you have specific questions or need updated information, it's always best to refer to the Massachusetts Registration and Titling Bureau web site. You must have a valid Mass registration before obtaining a trail pass. After you have obtained a registration, please go to the Club Membership section to get your trail pass.

To ride a snowmobile in Massachusetts:

  1. Each sled must be registered in Massachusetts.
  2. Each sled must have a trail pass.

Registration Process

If this is your first time registering, you will need to register either by mail or visit a registration office. Registration renewals in the following years can then be done online. In recent years, the turn around for registrations sent by mail is usually very good, even within a couple days.

  • Resident Fees: $44 for Two Years
  • Non-Resident Fees: $33 for One Year
  • Vintage Fees: $44 for Life
  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Gather the following:
    • If the snowmobile is new (you are original owner), you must have a copy of the "Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin"
    • Bill of Sale (including name and address of seller)
      (non-residents need bill of sale or a registration from their home state)
    • Proof of payment of sales tax (ST-6, ST-6E, or Bill of Sale)
      If you have not yet paid sales tax, you can do so online at Department of Revenue.
      (non-residents are required to prove they have paid sales tax in their home state, or they will be required to pay Massachusetts sales tax.)
    • Snowmobile serial number.
    • Check for the required fee.
  3. Visit or mail the registration form and all required documents above to the following address. You can also obtain a list of alternate locations at the Registration and Titling Bureau:

    Massachusetts Environmental Police Registration and Titling Bureau
    44 Lake Drive
    Indian Orchard, MA 01151
    PHONE: (413) 733-1642

  4. Don't forget your Trail Pass!
  5. If you are renewing a registration, the same process above can be followed, or you may now do it online at the Online Registration System.



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